Services and Fees


I consider career assessment to be one of my specialties and an area of focus for my work with clients. You may decide to take a personality test, an interest inventory, a values questionnaire, and/or a skills assessment. I will provide you with an individualized interpretation of your results. Assessments are an efficient way to clarify your personal characteristics and preferences in order to help you in your career exploration process.


The counseling process will help you go beyond your assessment results and put meaning to them. Through counseling, I will facilitate your decision-making and help you remove obstacles to your goals through a supportive, encouraging working relationship.


Assessment fees generally run about $200 total. Counseling sessions are $130 for 50 minutes. The average number of sessions with me is about seven. See my Disclosure Statement for more details.

Call me at 512-689-7105 to schedule your first session.